“Kitsch is the world as we would like it to be; not as it is; the capturing in a concrete thing of the most ineffable feelings and tenderest emotions. Kitsch is a flight from the present, a siren’s song luring us into a voyage void of time distinctions. Kitsch is the key to this secret chamber, a tiny star of metallic paper, a rudimentary constellation embroidered on an old-fashioned cushion. It is that unfathomable detail— the texture of a paper, the age mark on a certain print, a plastic flower’s faded colouring— which resonates in our interior like a silent fire alarm.”

Inspired by The Artificial Kingdom by Celeste Olalquaiga, these artworks represent a longing for the wild, the mystery and power of naturalia. Using existing seascapes of shells, ships, beaches and waves, Waldman then makes them her own by using pins, glitter, vintage sea monsters and eyeglasses with images of seas underneath them.

Multi-layered and steeped in kitsch philosophy, the work is cathartic, nostalgic and emotive, inducing a longing for the past, using the natural world and its innocence as a centre-point.

The need to duplicate and contain nature at its most beautiful or compelling is a peculiar phenomenon in society, and always has been. Romanticised and perfect, the natural beauty is hence immortalised.
It also evokes the modern world’s separation from the organic world— the sea and its specimens become a signifier for all things wild and exotic, strad- dling the worlds between nature and artifice.

Highly staged and whimsical, this work includes sound pieces and videos to evoke a sense of movement. Viewers should hold their breath due to the perfection and beauty and be transported to a tier of mystery and wonder.


47 Gina Waldman Seascapes 96x73cm found image, collage paper, 2017

Title: Seascapes
Size: 96cm x 73cm 38” x 29”
Medium: found image, collage paper
Date: 2017

49 Gina Waldman Naturalia II 76x100cm found image, collage paper,

1. Title: Natralia I

Size: 76cm x 100cm (30” x 40”)
Medium: glitter, ink, collage paper
Date: 2017

48 Gina Waldman Naturalia I 76x100cm found image, collage paper,

2. Title: Natralia II

Size: 76cm x 100cm

30” x 40”
Medium: glitter, ink, collage paper

Date: 2017

50 Gina Waldman Artifice, 64x34cm, paper collage, pearl pins, 2017

Title: Artifice
Size: 64cm x 34cm
25” x 13”
Medium: paper collage, pearl pins
Date: 2017